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Name: Danny

A/S/L: 14/M/Connecticut

Siblings: A brother, 24; and a sister, 18

Eye color: Brown

Instant messerger: AOL username: DANLUVSPINK

Instument Played:Trumpet

E-Mail addresses:,


Pets: African Grey Parrot named Simba
Ain't He CUTE!! ??!!
& a robotic puppy named Collin

My Fav Songs on CD: Private Show & *Most Girls*

Fav Singer: PINK! (thats a dumb question)

Fav color: Blue

Other groups I like:Destiny's Child (CUASE THERE HOTTTT!!!)
(....I bought it....)

Fav food: Giant jaw-breakers

Fav TV shows: I'd say, The Real World, Survivor and Simpsons